Thursday, August 24, 2006


A blog of anti-capitalist news and views

Like many people who live and breath politics, I have been considering starting a blog for a long time. My closest co-thinkers and I have been constantly combing on-line newspapers, the alternative press, activists publications and webpages, and every other source of news and ideas about social justice movements and sending the links to eachother for ages. Find an article on a strike in Mexico and pass it along, find a webpage featuring the writings of political prisoners and pass it along ... we're always sharing these sources with each other, so why not post it and make it more public? If we personally think that an essay or an article was helpful to our understanding of a specific struggle or issue, maybe radicals and revolutionaries from across the web might be just as interested.
So that is what I want to do here.
I want to provide a clearing house for information, news, views, and ideas relevant to the wide spectrum of political and social movements that, defined broadly, make up the anti-capitalist revolutionary left.

Every day you can surf over to this blog and get news from the front lines of the movement: from Detroit to Durban, Seoul to Sao Paulo, from womens liberation to the class struggle.
I will also post articles of historical interest and also materials related to radical culture and music. There will also be orginal commentary and reporting by some of the finest minds that the radical left has to offer!

In Struggle,
Brad in Detroit

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